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Our indoor cycling theater is a landscape for the senses with mesmerizing illumination and pulsing beats to make your mind and body soar. Motivating rhythm-based rides led by internationally trained instructors will torch calories and challenge your inner athlete.


This ever-changing 45-minute workout is the ultimate combination of group fitness and circuit training. Each signature class is scientifically driven to improve your cardio, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Classes are limited in size, and you’ll receive expert, individualized attention. You’ll never see the same workout twice.


Ready to feel the burn in all the right places? Hustle Studios’ Burn class is designed to make you sweat by lighting up all major muscle groups. This rhythmic mat-based class is guaranteed to strengthen while increasing your flexibility and endurance. You’ll leave class feeling refreshed and powerful!

Hustle FAQs

I’m New To Hustle Studios, Do You Offer Intro Classes?

Our classes are suitable for all ability and experience levels! Coaches will be with you every step of the way to provide guidance.

I’ve Never Done High Intensity Workouts Before, Will I Be Okay?

We’ve got you! Our classes are accessible to everyone and our coaches will help you make any adjustments you need.

What kind of cleats do your bikes take?

Our clips are double-sided, we take both Look Delta + SPD style cleats.

Can I ride if I’m pregnant?

We have many women ride right until their due date, but we always recommend talking to your doctor before booking. Make sure to let our team know when you check-in that you are expecting so that we can let your instructor know to make any necessary modifications for you.

What should I wear?

All you need is workout gear – an athletic top, form-fitting pants or shorts, and sneakers work perfectly. For our ride classes, if you don’t have cycling shoes, we rent them for $3.


Lights off. Sweat on. This is a music driven class on the mat, so we move with the beat with low weights and high reps. We recommend you use grip socks or go barefoot.

What if I don’t have a mat?

We’ve got you covered! Mat rentals will be $3, but are free for the next few weeks. We encourage you to bring your own, but you may use ours.

What do I need to bring?

Athletic gear, water bottle, and your game face.



If you’re running late to class, please call the studio so we can get your spot set up for you. If there is a waitlist for the class, your place will be given up 3 minutes after class starts. Athletes who show up after the start of class will not be allowed into class for safety reasons and will be charged a no show fee.

The Waitlist

We like your drive! You can add yourself to the waitlist by selecting “add to waitlist” on the class. If an athlete cancels and you are at the top of the waitlist, you will be pulled into the class and notified via e-mail. If you cannot make it to the reserved class, you need to cancel yourself from the waitlist either online or by calling the studio. The same cancellation policy applies for those signed up for the waitlist. If you are not pulled into the class off the waitlist, your credit will be put back into your account automatically.

Cancelling a Class

We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. You can cancel online or by calling our studio up to 12 hours in advance without penalty. Cancellations made within 12 hours of a scheduled class will be charged a class credit (members will be charged $15).